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We war twice a week with (Farming Week) break in split every 3 weeks.
War Prep begins at Thursday & Monday.
War is a great opportunity to build comradery and team work.
Support each member regardless of the score.

Preparation Day:
. As it stands; myself, co & elders will provide donations for clan castles on the war map until stated otherwise.
. Requests for high level troops for war is acceptable to a degree; ask who's present and whether they can give you what you're asking before the war starts, if they can't - refer back to second rule under topic 'Clan Rules'.

Battle Day:
. Refrain from attacking a town hall 2 levels under you to give lower lvl players a chance to attack - do your best to remain on your own level.
. If possible, choose to use your first attack on someone you feel can guarantee a 3 star (without trying to break the above rule).
. Don't mock; watch the replay and offer advise if you deem necessary.
. Second attack can be completely up to you, but be considerate of members who have yet to use their first attack.

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