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Post by Pyro on Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:31 am

Life is fairly simple in this clan; one thing we ask of all our members is respect towards each other.

Just basic rules are as follows:

1. "Donate before request"[by Erza] For now, there will be no minimum donation requirement; just keep a healthy ratio.
 ..or if you ever find yourself going on holiday; post on absences or the very least keep a 1:2 Ratio.

2. Be GRATEFUL for all units received, doesn't matter what their level.
To keep things fair for all members: don't be too 'specific' and do not demand high level units.(i.e. Pekkas Only)
...we need to give everyone a chance to donate. Acceptable requests are as follows: "Defense (No Tanks)" , "Air if Possible" , "Attack both air & ground".
War only exceptions to fit attacking strategies.

3. Don't ask to be promoted for Elder / Co-Leader.
   Myself along with other Elders/Co's will discuss whether you meet the following criteria: Loyal, Donates frequently, Respectful.

4. No swearing, be mindful of others. There are some kids in the clan.

5. Lastly, any abuse towards any member of the clan will not be tolerated; expect to be booted if you show any form of violence towards a member whether that be racism, bullying or just basic disregard towards the others' comments.

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Post by Erza on Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:55 am

I decided to add a new clan rule and I am sure the leader, co's and elder would agree with me. As part of the clan rules, keeping a healthy donation ratio gives a good impression. However, please do keep in mind that before requesting for troops ensure to check other requests from other people. Do not always rely on other people to donate to you when you have a disappointing donation ratio. If this continues and you haven't donated more than 10 troops and have requested for more than 20-30 troops expect to be kicked next season.

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